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Credit Risk Solutions

Your comprehensive solution for effective management of credit risk that ensures your company is kept up-to-date with critical credit information pertaining to your business.
Our solutions can help you mitigate your business risk, evaluate your customers as well as assess new business relationships by evaluating the creditworthiness of your prospective partners.

Regulatory Compliance

Your complete compliance package solution which enables you to carry out in depth, high-value investigations on companies and individuals. By applying a preventative approach, you can enter new relationships with confidence and leverage critical business information to mitigate your business risk and successfully vet third parties.

Debt Recovery & Call Centre

Through our team of local experts and our international network of collection professionals, we help our clients by expediting and facilitating the collection of unpaid debts. Find out more about our quick and effective "no win no fee" solution.

System Solutions & Training

Your full suite of learning tools which ensures your organisation complies with regulations and keeps your administrative costs to a minimum. Infocredit Group builds customised training modules according to the needs of your organisation. We undertake the design and implementation of any course required to enhance your business operations and protect your company against harmful partnerships.

Corporate Governance

Your complete corporate governance solution consisting of sophisticated advisory services and valuable resources for the promotion of good practice and optimum governance. Our services can help you limit your governance risk as well as your administrative burden by providing you with a range of innovative and customisable tools, including specialist governance qualifications for professional development, board evaluations and unrivalled support in the form of expert guidance and industry best practices.


Infocredit Group provides cost-effective, flexible business development solutions with the aim of adding value to your business and improving communication with your clients. Our services allow you to perform effective market research and can help you tailor your marketing strategy in order to reach your target audience.