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Elevate Your Legal Practice with LexisNexis, Your Comprehensive Legal Research Resource

Transform Legal Research: LexisNexis® Unveiling the Path to Legal Triumph

Enjoy a clear, unobstructed view of all your legal research and transactional vistas. Use LexisNexis® tools and resources to find and validate case law and statutes, get experienced perspectives in specific legal practice areas, follow leading practitioners through treatises and online communities, track current news, trends and issues, and pull it all together to make smart, strategic decisions.

Legal & Research Solutions

Legal & Research Solutions

Legal & Research Products

Legal & Research Products


Lexis+ brings a single integrated search to Legal Research and Practical Guidance surfacing the legal insights and intelligence that will drive success. This intuitive platform enables you to quickly and easily answer legal questions, develop winning strategies, and accomplish tasks.

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni offers the simple, intuitive research experience that today’s students expect, on any device they want. Nexis Uni ® helps you to minimize training requirements, so you can focus on other tasks, give students the confidence to do independent research and boost student satisfaction and student use.