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Credit Risk

Global Information Reporting

Empowering Businesses with Global Insights


Infocredit Group’s Global Information Reporting service is essential for businesses aiming for international expansion and competitive edge. It offers comprehensive insights into various global markets, industries, and regulatory environments, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. This service aids in risk management by providing up-to-date, reliable data, helping businesses understand and mitigate potential international business risks. Additionally, it supports compliance with diverse global regulations, offering a cost-effective solution for accessing worldwide business information, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing market understanding.




    Infocredit Credit Suite is a unique platform offering a comprehensive solution for acquiring Credit Risk Reports. This innovative system allows you to evaluate a company’s creditworthiness, financial situation, and payment history on a global scale, utilizing state-of-the-art credit risk scoring technology.

    Infocredit World

    Infocredit World is a global information platform designed to cater to the needs of businesses operating or planning to operate in the international arena. It offers extensive access to company data from over 200 countries.


    API4All is a flexible API solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. It provides real-time access to our extensive database, enabling automated credit checks and risk assessments. Benefits include increased operational efficiency and the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly.

    Credit Assessment

    The Credit Assessment service is a specialized offering designed to evaluate the credit risk associated with various counterparties. This service is a blend of meticulous financial analysis, industry benchmarks, and customized scoring models.