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ESG Risk Assessment


Develop and implement ESG strategies

Empowering Your ESG Risk Assessments with Resilisense

Our State-of-the-art Sustainability Management Toolkit

Resilisense, our state-of-the-art sustainability management toolkit, that can support your ESG Risk Assessments from start to finish, including provision of valuable feedback and recommendations on how to improve and optimize operations, processes, and practices. Resilience is based on the international standard ISO 26000 and is aligned with all relevant international sustainability standards and practices. Resilisense is offered through the strategic partnership between Infocredit Group and Aspon Consulting Ltd.



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– Reputation Management: Enhancement of the company’s reputation posture and brand value.

– Cost Savings: Address environmental and social risks that can lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

– Access to Capital: Companies with strong ESG performance may find it easier to access capital, as will align with the preferences of socially responsible investors.

– Regulatory Compliance: Proactively address compliance issues that can prevent legal and financial repercussions.

– Employee Engagement and Retention: Prioritize ESG factors that are more attractive to talent and result in lower turnover rates.

– Innovation Opportunities: Develop sustainable practices and products that can explore new markets and revenue streams.

– Long-Term Value Creation: Align business practices with sustainability goals, which companies can enhance their resilience and adaptability to changing market conditions.

– Supply Chain Resilience: Assess and address ESG risks in the supply chain, that can enhance resilience, reduce disruptions, and contribute to the overall sustainability of the business.

– Stakeholder Trust: ESG risk assessments and transparent reporting will foster trust by demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices.

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ESG Suite

ESG Suite offers a user-friendly platform where individuals can easily sign in and undertake an initial self-assessment at no cost. This is facilitated through a Quick version questionnaire, which enables users to receive immediate results and a preliminary internal reporting on their company’s standing in relation to ESG’s main criteria.

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