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Crypto Compliance

Ciphertrace Armada™

Conquering AML, CTF Compliance with Enhanced Efficiency and Security

See Beyond the Blockchain. Gain Transparency with Armada.

Ciphertrace Armada™

Ciphertrace Armada is designed to assist financial institutions, payment providers, and regulators in identifying and managing risks linked to cryptocurrency transactions within Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). It furnishes comprehensive VASP information, an anti-money laundering (AML) risk score, KYC grade, and thorough analysis. Armada enables institutions to uncover transactions related to virtual currency, facilitating their integration into AML risk and fraud models by correlating legal names and bank account numbers associated with VASPs. Through Armada, users gain the ability to seamlessly view, filter, sort, and delve deeper into VASP-related data points, encompassing customer identification (KYC) processes, domiciled location, and transactional risk profiling.



– Comprehensive intelligence on crypto counter-parties, including of bank accounts and credit card identifiers: Associates legal names, bank account numbers, and credit card details with various VASPs.

– Thorough risk evaluations derived from actual engagements: Expert analysts engage with numerous VASPs, actively participating in account openings, fund deposits, transactions, and fund withdrawals.

– Analysis of counter-party relationships for enhanced due diligence: Associates crypto addresses with real-world entities and events.

– Powerful, easy to use VASP Risk Monitor application: Enables users to observe, refine, organize, and delve into specific VASP risk data points effortlessly.

– AML and fraud detection: Offers easily integrable data feeds for leading fraud and AML solutions such as NICE Actimize, SAS, NetReveal, SIRON, Alessa, FeatureSpace, enhancing the identification of suspicious and fraudulent activities.

– Mobile-friendly interface: Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers, accommodating various screen sizes, including mobile iOS and Android devices.

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