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Access your Data


All physical and legal entities have the right of access and correction to data contained in our database in relation to their own personal data, as per Chapter III of the GDPR.


Infocredit Group maintains a Customer Service Desk which handles matters relating to the public (for physical as well as legal entities) and examines requests made by parties in the exercise of their right of access and rectification of Personal Data, according to the Provisions of the relevant articles of the legislation.



Physical Persons

Legal Persons



The application form can be delivered in person by the person applying for access at our office or by post to the company's address. The application must be duly signed and accompanied by the appropriate identification documents. An individual can only request information for themselves. There is no fee for exercising the right of access and correction.



The applicant should be the legal representative of the company as stated in the official Certificate of Directors and Secretary issued by the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver or in a duly issued mandate. These documents should be submitted together with the application and the fee of €10.



The information by Infocredit Group which is kept in our database is listed in the following categories:

  • - Debts from clients of Infocredit Group

  • - Bankruptcy proceeding as publicised in the official Gazette and kept by the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver

  • - Information relating to relationships with companies  



In the event that an error is detected in our Database, the entity affected by the information concerned may file a removal/correction request for the data in question, together with the necessary supporting documents.


If you would like to request the removal or correction of data kept in our databases, please write a letter specifying the exact changes requested providing proof where needed. The letter should be sent to the address shown below.


Requests to delete/correct are examined by Infocredit Group Ltd and the appropriate action is taken. Anything relating to official information retrieved from official public sources cannot be corrected unless official documents are provided to Infocredit Group Ltd stating the acclaimed correct information. Information registered in our database which has been retrieved from our clients is corrected after informing them about the variance. The applicant is then informed of the decision.


All forms or letters (where applicable) should be delivered to the following address during office working hours:



Address; Philippou Hadjigeorgiou 5A, Acropolis, Nicosia 2006, Cyprus

Telephone: 22398000

Email: dpo@infocreditgroup.com



Monday – Thursday: 8:30-17:30

Friday: 8:30-14:30