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ICG Media Monitoring Service

Securing Ease of Mind through constant access to up to date and relevant information

The ICG News Filtering Platform is an innovative, web-based media-monitoring tool which operates as a screening device which offers companies a continuous flow of filtered, relevant and up-to-date news.

Create your customised news channels based on your own sources and keywords.

These channels can be accessed either via a public or closed-group website or through the daily newsletter delivered to users directly by email. This can then easily be shared internally with colleagues or with customers and business associates.

The scanning and filtering process is based on the websites and keywords that the company pre-selects. The channel is being automatically updated, offering to your company instant access to pertinent and up-to-date information regarding you market, products or competition.

Gain Immediate Benefits

Global coverage
Choose from unlimited local & international news sources
Save Valuable Time
There is no longer need to be surfing the web looking to identify relevant information
Create your own customised Newsletter
Daily corporate relevant news delivered to your email
Receive customized news that relates specifically to your corporate needs
Real time updates 24/7
Stay ahead of your competition
Chose your competitor’s keywords and be always informed with their performance

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