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Talkwalker: The leader in social media monitoring and conversational intelligence 


Talkwalker is your extra set of eyes and ears. Its AI-powered analysis provides real-time insights into what's happening on all social channels and online media, across 187 languages. This enables you to quickly identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits.

Your social media presence is paramount. Measure its impact.


Talkwalker is a listening and analytics tool that empowers brands to optimize their digital strategies by understanding conversations at scale. 

Benchmark your brand and campaigns with our proven KPI frameworks. Measure sentiment and brand health. Connect social efforts to real business results and provide your management with instant reports. Compare your results to the competition, across every channel. Discover what customers really think about your brands and products in real-time.



Key Features:

• Coverage in 187 languages across 196 countries

• 150+ million sources, blogs, forums, print, broadcast, and more

• Access to over 20 social media channels, review, and streaming sites

• Visual, video, and text analytics across all media




The platform also gives you access to:

• Website analytics (Adobe Analytics/Google Analytics)

• Customer feedback and surveys (call centre transcripts, emails, reviews, chat, etc.)

• Transactional information (sales, customer journey, etc.)

Consumer data: Include internal consumer data

• Social feedback, reviews, surveys, and search


Protect – Measure – Promote



Brand protection and reputation management


Performance measurement and reporting


Conversations in context to uncover brand Insights


“72% of marketers are still focused primarily on knowledge gathering rather than making real and actionable use of their data”
- Forbes


“93% of companies use multiple repositories to store content, with 31% using more than 5 different systems to manage it”

 - Forrester Research


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