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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Online Compliance Course: Data Protection: Privacy at Work (Powered by VinciWorks)

All staff in an organisation should have a clear understanding of how GDPR affects their role. Data Protection: Privacy at Work is now available in multiple languages, and has been amended to include the data protection laws in the related country.

This data protection course combines the latest in policy and law with best practice guidelines. It provides real-world scenarios, interactive features and review questions to test understanding of key points. By completing this course users will learn how to comply with data protection laws for their specific role in the organisation.


Course objectives

  • Define the core concepts of data protection and the dangers of non-compliance
  • Teach users how to apply a 'data protection mindset' to their job and projects
  • Explain how to identify and deal with real-world data protection situations
  • Use industry-relevant scenarios to help learners navigate real-life data protection issues
  • Verify understanding with quiz questions and interactive scenarios


The data protection course is:


  • Customisable

Easily tailored to include internal training material such as: important contact information, links to internal policies and custom learning modules.

  • Modular

A 'personal learning path builder' tailors the content to a user's role. It can be configured into over 1,000 individualised courses, including for IT, HR, marketing, HIPAA and more.

  • GDPR Ready

Adheres to global best practice and current regulations along with GDPR principles.


New data protection course module: A Guide to Global Data Protection

A new module has been added to the Data Protection: Privacy at Work course. The new module explores and contrasts data protection legislation in countries around the world. This new module consists of an interactive guide to global data protection, whereby users can easily lookup the answers to a range of questions they may have about the data protection laws in various countries. This allows businesses to easily familiarise themselves with the data protection laws in any country they operate in and ensure they comply.


The latest addition to the course allows users to not only explore the data protection regulations in a particular country, but to also compare the laws in each country to those of other countries. For example, if your company operates in both Egypt and Romania, users will be able to compare key details such as whether both, or either, country has a national data protection law, rules on direct marketing or a separate cyber security law.


Infocredit Group’s business partner, Vinciworks, has prepared a complete guide for GDPR.


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