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ID / Passport Authentication

Your automated ID document authentication solution
Our ID/Passport Authentication service enables you to instantly verify the authenticity of any travel or identification document provided by your clients. This solution allows you to promote your KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, enhance your AML and screening procedures as well as your fraud prevention strategies through the capture, classification, authentication and conversion of passports and other travel documents into workable digital records.
Clients can follow a simple procedure on our system (which operates a drag-and-drop functionality) and can benefit from:
• Faster customer processing
• Improved CRM data quality
• Reduced dependence on manual processing and increased traffic-handling capacity
• Prevention of human errors
• Detection and deterrence of sophisticated ID fraud
Document authentication made simple
Our online solution ensures the automatic authentication of:
All Passports
(on a worldwide basis)
ID cards
(depending on the country of issue)
Driving Licences
(depending on the country of issue)
The authentication process takes into account the structure of passports, data integrity and finally performs data comparison and assesses validity with the MRZ lines.
Authentiscan Solutions (Powered by Keesing Technologies)
Solution for easy ID verification and identity proofing
AuthentiScan™ STANDARD is an automated and highly reliable solution for authenticating ID documents allowing you to determine whether a document is genuine or counterfeit. The standard version allows you to scan, inspect and store (optional) nearly all national and international ID documents currently in circulation. AuthentiScan™ STANDARD is powered by the Keesing Documentchecker Database, allowing you to perform cross checks against reference material stored in this unique database. 

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