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Debt Collection

Infocredit Group employs a team of experienced, certified collection specialists who are committed and ideally equipped to handle your debt collection cases, on a local or international basis. Using a professional approach, our aim is to expedite and facilitate the recovery of unpaid debts.
In every case, we strive to achieve the most optimum results in the swiftest means possible, while promising to improve your recovery rates and preserve your existing business relationships. Collection is achieved either through extrajudicial or judicial procedures with the help of our legal associates.
Our unique abilities and expertise enables us to pursue any debt on behalf of our clients, regardless of the amount or time which it is overdue, whilst ensuring they receive a value-for-money service but more importantly, one which guarantees prompt collection. Our clients can rest assured that we undertake all cases with the strictest confidence and that they will regularly be kept updated on the progress of their case through our online system.
Our debt collection agents are accredited by CSA.
Debtor Verification & Debt Recovery Assessment
Pre-Legal Debt Recovery
(Early, Medium & Late Stages)
Site Visits & Skip Tracing
Legal Debt Recovery
Our debt recovery process:
1) Initial soft communication to assess the debtor’s willingness and ability to repay the debt.
2) Send warning letter to debtor.
3) Submission of debt in our unique database. This database allows our clients to screen their prospects or existing clients and suppliers in order to ensure they have as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions (applies only to legal entities).
4) Alert database members, which are related to the debtor, about the negative incident. Through this process we create leverage by adding pressure to the debtor to repay the debt as it affects their creditworthiness, credit scoring and general profile as well as their related entities. It also helps in the prevention of bad debts (applies only to legal entities).
5) Mediation procedures performed by our certified mediators.
6) Recovery of debt via the legal route. Initial letter dispatch free of charge from a lawyer partner of our company.
7) Send final legal notice of outstanding debt. Filing of court case with no additional charges except for the court fees.
• 16 accredited debt collection/call centre agents
• Successfully handled more than 400,000 debt collection cases with a total amount exceeding €80,000,000!
• No Collection No Fee!
• We handle any debt regardless of the amount or the time period it has been outstanding
• Radically increase your cash flow
Want to handle your Debt Receivables internally? Decol Software is ideal for you.
 DECOL is a cost-effective, intuitive platform which uses a flexible, innovative approach to receivables management. Its technology-enabled services enable you to streamline your collection processes by setting up automated workflows, improving collector efficiency and accelerating cashflows.
Why Decol

• Simple, easy to use software 

• Better monitoring of payment promises & aged debts

• Improved liquidity & reliable cashflow forecasting

• Better interdepartmental communication

• Increase productivity of credit contol function 

•Higher consumer service & customer satisfaction

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