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Who is My Secret Santa

This year, as part of the Infocredit Group Corporate Social Responsibility, we thought of giving everybody a chance to add a “Good Cause” value to their Secret Santa gifts.
Infocredit Group presents the Blend Digital application “My Secret Santa”. An ideal application to maintain your Secret Santa tradition in the social distancing era. At the same time you can add a special, empathy value to your gift, by choosing your gifts from the following non-profit organizations:
  • Pasykaf
  • The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society
  • Pediheart
  • Etsi ki Allios

The application allows you, in three easy steps, to create your virtual Secret Santa event, upload all your participants from a list, and sent the invitations to the participants along with the random Secret Santa Selection.

In order, to Create your “Good Cause” Secret Santa event click HERE to register and follow the three easy steps. Best Wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The Infocredit Group CSR Committee.