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Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2022

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Congratulations to the Infocredit Group Marathoners for their participation in the Quantum Nicosia Marathon.
Infocredit Group participated with its running team in the “Quantum Nicosia Marathon” on Sunday, December 11, 2022. The management of the group congratulates the runners who participated in the race as their participation gave the opportunity to financially support two organizations with very important charity work involving people with health problems.
Contributions from the participation of the Infocredit Group team were directed to the Alkinos Artemiou foundation for children with oncological and haematological diseases as well as the Association for people with Autism.
The Infocredit Group team showed up outside the Nicosia Municipal Theater to participate in the 5km race adopting the organizer’s statement/slogan: "Quantum Nicosia Marathon" is not just another sporting event. It is our chance to show the stature of our humanity"
A few words about the institutions that were supported.
The Alcinoos Artemiou Foundation supports children who fight and become superheroes when all they want is just to be children. The Foundation, for children with oncological and haematological diseases, was established in 2021, in memory of Alkinos Artemios who died of cancer on December 9, 2020. Its purpose is, through its action programs, to make the lives of children hospitalized in oncology-haematology clinics in Cyprus and abroad, their families and their own people, a little better.
The Association for people with Autism was founded in 1990 and is recognized by the state as a charitable non-profit organization. It's a member of AUTISM EUROPE and the WORLD AUTISM ORGANIZATION. The primary purpose of the Association is to secure the rights of people with Autism to ensure a better quality of life. The foundation strives to provide access to education and treatments that they need.