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PEAK Up Your Success (eng)

Entrepreneurship contest and presentation of a business idea

from the European University of Cyprus- PEAK Up Your Success


Infocredit Group, committed to supporting innovation and youth entrepreneurship, was among the sponsors of the Boot-Camp Entrepreneurship-PEAK Up Your Success at the European University of Cyprus, which was held on the 14th to 16th of March 2019.


The intensive business development workshop concluded with the presentations of business ideas on March, 16th 2019 at the Microsoft Innovation Center of the European University of Cyprus. Prizes totaling € 2000 where awarded to the winners.


Infocredit Group had the honour of awarding the second prize to Kyriakos Aristides and Dimitris Georgiou (EUC Alumni), co-founders of EXAL technologies, who presented their innovative application on e-commerce.


The first prize was awarded to Tomáš Dudáš and Michaela Vuova, with the innovative PanBoo toothbrush. The third prize was awarded to Alexia Solomou with the innovative idea of ​​LawStars, an artificial intelligence software on international law.


The workshop and competition were organized by the Business Enterprise Center of the Business School Accelerator and Knowledge Innovation Center (EUC PEAK).