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The idea of ​​"Cherished with Love" is as simple as love and the concept of the social offer.

The idea of ​​"Cherished with Love" is as simple as love and the concept of the social offer.
 You buy your favourite coffee or snack and at the same time prepay for one (or more) at a reduced price. This purchase remains on hold at the cash register to be offered a little later to one of our fellow human beings who is financially unable to pay. Anonymously and without questions, one can go through the Presse Café and pick up, in takeaway form, their "lovingly cherished" coffee/snack.
 The effort is based on one goal: to offer, even for a while, joy to our fellow citizens who are deprived of one of the most basic goods such as the enjoyment of a hot coffee... That is why, for this year's holiday season and even a little further, let us support people in need with this act of kindness.
 The charity campaign is a social offer by Presse Café and Infocredit Group. The Presse Café took over the organization of the campaign while at the same time reducing the prices of prepaid coffee and snacks. At the same time, for each prepaid purchase, Infocredit Group will make the corresponding contribution, strengthening this effort by increasing the number of available coffee/snacks that will be given.
 The Campaign "Cherished with Love" starts today and will last until 31.01.2021 with the companies promising that this is just the beginning.
For more information, contact:
Tel: 777773773, 22316102
Email: [email protected]
Organizer: Presse Café. Supported by: Infocredit Group