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Unlocking Crypto Intelligence: Infocredit Group Introduces CipherTrace, a Mastercard company



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Infocredit Group organises a Business Breakfast event with the theme ‘Unlocking Crypto Intelligence’’ and it will introduce CipherTrace, a Mastercard company. The event will take place at the Parklane Resort & Spa, Limassol on September 19, 9:00am.

During Business Breakfast event Mr. Demetris Tseas, Senior Cryptocurrency Risk Analyst at CipherTrace, will be presenting the Unlocking Crypto Intelligence, to financial service industry experts and pioneers. Mr. Tseas will bring a wealth of expertise and insight, drawing from his extensive experience in cryptocurrency risk analysis and his deep understanding of the evolving financial ecosystem. As a respected authority in the field, he will highlight the challenges and opportunities that cryptocurrencies present in today's dynamic financial landscape.

Our team of experts will present solutions, will offer advice, consultations, shedding light on compliance strategies, risk mitigation, and regulatory best practices.

To register to the event please contact: +357 22 398000, or email: [email protected]