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Training to be released in September


On 25 November 2019, the new SRA Standards and Regulations come into effect. VinciWorks will soon be releasing a series of customisable, interactive courses on the new Standards and Regulations to allow firms to train their entire staff.

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Training to be released in September

On 25 November 2019, the new SRA Standards and Regulations come into effect, replacing the SRA Handbook. The SRA Standards and Regulations stipulate the behaviours, standards and requirements expected by solicitors and SRA regulated firms.


In September, VinciWorks will release a series of online SRA courses covering the key sections of the Standards and Regulations. Written in clear, plain language, the training includes many examples, cases and scenarios taken directly from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) decisions. VinciWorks' SRA training suite will help legal professionals, including support staff, to develop an understanding of the relevant regulations which apply to their specific role in the law firm.


These new courses will replace the current training on the SRA Handbook.

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Clients that license the current SRA Handbook training or the OCC Suite will receive these courses as part of their package.










Interactive, customisable courses for all staff


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Our courses dynamically create a personalised learning experience based on an individual’s role in a law firm. All the courses include interactive scenario questions and are fully customisable. The suite includes both courses that apply to all staff and courses that apply to accounts staff and senior staff.

The suite includes the following three courses:

  • SRA: Standards and regulations for all staff
  • SRA Accounts Rules Advanced for accounts staff
  • SRA Compliance Advanced for Managers and Compliance Officers


The course will be ready in September and is available for pre-order now. Pre-ordering ensures that your customisation requests will be ready on time.



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SRA compliance and training whitepaper

VinciWorks has produced a whitepaper that outlines what the new Standards and Regulations will include and the challenges it presents to firms. The whitepaper covers:

  • Key differences between the SRA Code of Conduct and the new SRA Standards and Regulations
  • The requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive
  • A guide to VinciWorks' training suite and who should take which course
  • The relationship between training and continuing competence



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About VinciWorks

VinciWorks is the definitive authority in compliance training and software. With over 250,000 users across 70 countries, our training is used by leading corporations in every sector, including 60 of the largest 100 law firms in the world.

The VinciWorks compliance training suite provides practical, interactive and customisable training available in multiple languages. The courses are updated regularly to meet evolving regulatory legislation.

The suite includes the following courses:






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