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Need to quickly but accurately verify the authenticity of banknotes? 

Keesing Documentchecker Banknotes provides you with all the information you need! A subscription to the world's most comprehensive banknote reference database gives you access to information on thousands of issued and expected banknotes from over 200 countries, including clear and detailed descriptions of their security features. 

Discover Documentchecker Banknotes today! Trial accounts are available.


Keesing Documentchecker Banknotes accessibility benefits:

- Within 24 hours after setup, your staff will be using it with ease
- Our database is always accessible online. Just log on and go!
- Simple navigation and location of documents of interest
- Fast and efficient method for finding and comparing banknotes
- Option to sign up for our bi-monthly banknote alerts
- Translations available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
- Our Expert Helpdesk, staffed by experts, is available 24/7

Contact us
For more information or to request a trial, feel free to contact our team via email or telephone +31(0)20 7157 825.








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