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NexisLexis Legal Libraries: 40% discount to the Members of the Cyprus Bar Association

Access the world's largest legal platforms of Common, Continental, and International Law
Infocredit Group, the official representative of LexisNexis’ digital legal content in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Romania is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with the Cyprus Bar Association which secures that all CBA members are entitled to an exclusive 40% discount for an annual subscription to LexisNexis’ authoritative legal platforms PSL and Library.
Through these tools, law firms/in-house corporate lawyers and other legal professionals have access to a wide portfolio of legal resources, including legislation, case law, templates, practical guidance et. al., that enable them to work smarter and faster, gain in-depth knowledge in 30+ practice areas and obtain sophisticated analyses in their areas of expertise, thus minimising wrong conclusions. Territories covered include the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, China, Middle East, USA, and more. In particular, the platforms offer access to:
• The largest legal platforms of Common, Continental, and International Law
• Easy search and access to legal content for 36 Practice Areas
• Continuous monitoring of cases and changes in legislation • Boost in productivity with contract templates
• Reduced risk and geographical scope expansion via the cross-border search tool
For members of the Cyprus Bar Association only, and for a limited time, the annual price for full access to each platform (PSL or Library) will be EUR 3,000 + VAT (normal price is EUR 5,000 + VAT).
Offer terms:
• The offer is valid for the months of August, September, and October 2022
• The offer is for 1 user for a minimum subscription period of 1 year
• The offer applies for each individual law practice that has at least one employee who is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association
The offer must be claimed by sending an email by 31st October 2022 to [email protected]
For more information on this offer and the LexisNexis Legal Solutions, please contact Infocredit Group at tel. 22398 000, email: [email protected],
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