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Onboard customers on-the-go with Keesing's real-time identity verification

2020 has seen an exponential rise in the use of digital financial services and the need to access them at any time from anywhere around the world. Having a digital onboarding tool that allows your users to identify and verify themselves remotely when accessing your financial services is thus more important than ever.

Minimise friction and maximise security
Our remote identity verification helps you:

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance security and mitigate risk
  • Foster trust and a great customer experience
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

Our solution
Keesing's newest identity verification software is based around a selfie-ID check and relies on our long-standing identity verification expertise. AuthentiScan offers a trusted end-to-end solution to establish someone’s true identity remotely through a seamless, easy-to-use and accurate digital user experience. Protect your business from fraud and spoof attempts with a combination of our cutting-edge technologies:

  • Document verification against the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database
  • Biometric identity proofing: facial recognition (selfie check) and liveness detection
  • Multiple automated checks (MRZ, VIZ-MRZ comparison, RFID chip validation, data cross-checks, etc.)
  • PEP/sanction lists screening
  • Optical Character recognition (OCR)

Schedule live demo
Discover how we can help your organisation streamline customer onboarding and verification processes. Get in touch with us or sign up for a live demo of AuthentiScan. Our team is available around the clock and will be happy to answer any of your questions.