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Jobalito Proudly Sponsors the 21st Leadership & Human Resource Management Conference

Jobalito, the most advanced and dynamic job-finding platform in Cyprus, is among the key sponsors of the 21st Leadership & Human Resource Management Conference, scheduled to take place on Friday, 17th November 2022 at 08:30 EEST at Hilton Nicosia Hotel.

Jobalito is designed to reduce recruitment procedures time and cost, for companies and organizations. Using machine learning technology along with provided services of promotion, branding and screening helps and simplifies the preselection process.

Visit our booth at the 21st Leadership & Human Resource Management Conference to get more information on the Jobalito services and get your free job postings.

Moreover, Jobalito, with its Artificial Intelligence capabilities can assist individuals to match their profile with the available job openings. With a simple process individuals can upload their CV on the platform and easily come in touch with the job that best feeds their experience and academic background.

The 21st Leadership & Human Resource Management Conference aims to be much more than just a conference. The event will provide HR executives and business leaders with an opportunity to reconsider how they view their employees. They will have an opportunity to learn about diversity, inclusion, and equity trends and to acquire tools that will enhance their skills. A variety of conference topics will provide participants with the chance to identify all the ingredients that an organization needs in order to be considered truly inclusive. For more information on the event including registration click here


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