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Infocredit Group: The Winner of the OEB Cyprus Innovation Services Sector Award 2022

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The award ceremony of the The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) awards and the 16th Cyprus Innovation Award Competition, organized by The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) contributing to the improvement and increase of the competitiveness of Cypriot enterprises and organizations of the private and wider public sector, was held on Friday 16 December 2022, at the Strovolos Municipal Theatre.
The Innovation Award 2022 in the Services Sector was awarded by the President of the House of Representatives Ms. Annita Demetriou to Infocredit Group for the design, development and implementation of the eCheck360 Open Banking Platform, in the presence of the Deputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos, the President of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) Mr. Antonios Antoniou, and Dr. Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos, Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation and President of The Research and Innovation Foundation and The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation Evaluation Committees.
Infocredit Group has been long term promoting research and development of new technologies. The eCheck360 Open Banking Platform is the first platform that fills the gap of a common credit rating system in the European market.
The platform allows companies to evaluate their customers’ creditworthiness, affordability and behaviour, regardless of whether they have received credit facilities or not. The greatest advantage of the platform lies in the analysis of customer transaction histories in real-time with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, enabling better, faster and safer decision-making. The Platform, fully aligned with the requirements of GDPR and PSD2, enables financial institutions and other companies to offer the best digital experience to their customers, with products and services that fit their credit profile. Any investigation requires obtaining the customer's consent to the processing of his personal data, thus complying with all relevant regulations and guidelines.