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Infocredit Group participates in the FEBIS Spring Meeting 2023

Infocredit Group, a leading provider of business information and risk management solutions, is thrilled to participate with its CEO, Mr Theodoros Kringou, in the FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services) Spring Meeting 2023. The meeting will be held in Turin on the 10th and 11th of May 2023.

The annual event brings together business information professionals, credit managers, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. The meeting agenda includes among other topics, a briefing on the FEBIS Regulatory Committee, workshops, a keynote presentation on Business information for AML solutions, the progress of the 2023 projects and activities, Open SaaS business model as innovation drive.

However, EU regulations on AML and UBO, play a dominant role on this year’s agenda. The members will examine the EU evolving Anti-money laundering directives. As the meeting's brief notes state, the fight against fraud and money laundering is a key priority of the EU Capital Markets Union, which aims at better identifying commercial and financial transactions and ensuring the legitimacy of beneficial owners of businesses and of these commercial transactions. The first EU regulations on AML and UBO date back from 2015 and have since then seen several updates.

FEBIS is a business federation with a mission to promote the Commercial Information Industry and to support the needs and interests of business information providers and associated service providers for their customers worldwide. Through information and analytics, FEBIS members facilitate commercial trade typically focused on B2B credit that develops existing and creates new commercial relationships.

Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for over 50 years. It offers high-quality innovative, flexible solutions, ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Debt Recovery, Consulting, ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) Services, Professional Training and Call Centre Services.

The company maintains an extensive international network of strategic alliances with reputable companies/associations including, LexisNexis, Finclude, MACM (Malta Association of Credit Management), CICM, Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland, and Vinciworks. With offices in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates as well as a presence in other countries, Infocredit Group is keeping the finger on the pulse of the market and constantly evolves providing integrated services and solutions that satisfy modern business needs and challenges.

For more information on Infocredit Group, visit www.infocreditgroup.com tel. 22 398 000, email: [email protected]