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Infocredit Group and Aspon Consulting join forces to help companies achieve their ESG and sustainability goals.


Infocredit Group and Aspon Consulting join forces to help companies achieve their ESG and sustainability goals.

ESG Advisory: Create Value with the Right ESG Strategy!

Infocredit Group, leading provider of business intelligence and innovative risk management solutions is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Aspon Consulting, a leading management consultancy in Cyprus for the provision of ESG Advisory services. This newly partnership shall assist businesses to gain clarity on their ESG status and develop strong programs which will benefit them in the near future. Through the support of ESG Experts, organizations will be able to fully understand the concept of ESG and how to craft an ESG strategy that matches their line of business. The ultimate result being, growing their profitability and sustainability, mitigating risks and making informed choices.

It comes as no surprise that in today’s world, companies are called by different stakeholders (employees, clients, shareholders, investors, regulatory bodies) to invest in ESG practices. It is more crucial than ever for all businesses irrespective of their size or business sector to invest into an ESG approach. There is no doubt that for companies who,  irrespective of size and sector,  get their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) propositions right links to greater value creation. Further, ESG equips organizations into becoming more resilient in the current and possible future scenarios.

How we can help

Backed by extensive experience and the use of Resilisense, our state-of- the-art sustainability management toolkit will support organizations from start to finish and provide them with valuable feedback and recommendations on how to improve and optimize operations, processes, and practices. As professionals in the consultancy sector with multiple years of experience and expertise, we are through this partnership to deliver innovative and commercially successful solutions to our clients. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients by best understanding what makes their business successful and by forming strategic alliances to help them achieve their objectives.

If you want to learn more about ESG Advisory contact Infocredit Group at +35722398000 or via email at esgadvisory@infocreditgroup.com, www.infocreditgroup.com

About Infocredit Group

Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for 50 years. It offers high-quality flexible solutions, ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Debt Recovery, Call Centre Services, Training, Consulting, ESG Services and Digital Marketing. With a focus on the global shift towards transparency, it aims to empower businesses by enabling critical trade and credit decisions and protects them from precarious scenarios and risky transactions. The company maintains an extensive international network of strategic alliances with reputable companies/associations including, LexisNexis, Finclude, MACM, CICM, Vinciworks, offering reliable tools to businesses across the globe so they can meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations.

About Aspon Consulting

Aspon Consulting is a management consulting firm based in Cyprus, dedicated to delivering innovative and commercially successful solutions to its clients. Aspon Consulting provides services relating to, among others, Business Plans and Financing Support, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management, Environmental Management consulting, European Programs and Grants and Training, on a range of subject matters. Building on its expertise on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management, Aspon Consulting has also developed a bespoke piece of web-based software, which can assist organisations with evaluating themselves, their supply chain, subsidiaries and/or members on sustainability and related risks, helping them improve their performance.