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Infocredit Group Among the Key Sponsors of Sigma Balkans/ CIS Summit 2023

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Infocredit Group, a pioneer in credit risk and compliance solutions, has proudly unveiled its primary sponsorship of the Sigma Balkans/CIS Summit 2023. Scheduled from September 4th to 7th in the City of Dreams, Limassol, this premier event is organized by Sigma World and is poised to attract the brightest minds in the gaming and technology sectors from the Balkans and CIS regions.

The Sigma Balkans/CIS Summit 2023 promises to be more than just a conference. It's an exclusive platform for industry leaders to engage in meaningful dialogues, share innovative ideas, and build impactful partnerships within the gaming and technology fields. Infocredit Group's principal sponsorship highlights its dedication to promoting industry development and enhancing collaboration in essential market areas.

Attendees at the event have the opportunity to visit booth 143, where they can discover Infocredit Group's cutting-edge solutions, such as Crypto Risk Management, KYC/On-Boarding Solutions, AML Screening, and ID Verification. Infocredit Group's presence at the summit serves as an invaluable opportunity for those interested in gaining insights from its expert leadership team, whose profound knowledge will provide essential guidance in navigating the intricate landscapes of compliance, risk management, and regulatory requirements.

Supported by influential international partnerships with companies like Lexis Nexis, Ciphertrace, and a MasterCard company, Infocredit Group provides a complete range of KYC, Due Diligence, and AML/CTF Compliance instruments, all designed with risk management in mind. Their state-of-the-art offerings, from managing the ever-changing landscape of digital currencies through Crypto Risk Management to assuring financial transparency with AML Screening and immediate ID Verification, position businesses at the forefront of regulatory alignment and technological innovation.

Infocredit Group extends a warm invitation to all Sigma Summit participants to visit their booth, allowing them to explore in detail how their cutting-edge tools can set the direction for success in risk management, compliance, and innovation.

For further information about Infocredit Group, please visit our website: www.infocreditgroup.com or contact, +357 22 398000, email: [email protected]

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