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Eliminate fraud in 2021 with Keesing's leading identity verification

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Have a verified start to the new year with leading identity solutions from Keesing Technologies.
AuthentiScan helps your users identify and verify themselves on-the-go when onboarding for or accessing your services digitally in these remote times.
Documentchecker, on the other hand, remains the world's most comprehensive ID document reference database, with more than 2,500 documents featured from over 200 countries across the globe.
Our hassle-free tools offer you a reliable method for verifying identities from a distance to eliminate fraud, streamline your digital procedures and enhance your customer journey and experience.
Our expertise helps you:
• Limit and spot fraud instances in a timely fashion
• Gain access to more than 6,000 ID documents from over 200 countries
• Examine HD images and detailed descriptions of ID documents
• Streamline your remote identity verification and screening processes
• Achieve regulatory compliance • Foster trust in your customer experience
• Increase conversion rates We would love to hear from you! Our technologies have been carefully designed to help your company better optimise and secure its customer onboarding process.
We would be happy to respond to any of your queries or answer any questions that you may have.
Contact us at compliance@infocreditgroup.com or 22398240 to learn more or sign up for a free trial or demo.