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Digital Transformation within the Legal Profession - Interview of Rumyana Gaydarova





Rumyana Gaydarova, Senior International Sales Consultant at Infocredit Group Ltd describes the importance of digital transformation within the legal discipline as well as its main benefits, and illustrates how Infocredit Group LexisNexis legal solutions assist legal professionals to optimise their operations and grow their practise, and ultimately provide better-quality legal advice.


What is Legal Digital Transformation and how it can be achieved?

Digital transformation has been a powerful game-changer in recent years, with many organisations across all sectors moving away from more traditional business models, in an effort to adapt to new market requirements. The legal industry is no exception, although a latecomer to this equation. Equal benefit can be derived from digital technologies by professionals in the legal industry who can use such tools or platforms to dramatically speed up their work, guarantee information accuracy and deliver a better service to clients. Transformation refers to the way legal services are provided, as well as the method used for performing legal research, filing, data collection and analysis, and how this changes workflows, time management and so on. Legal professionals have now come to rely heavily on legal technologies (or Legal Tech), such as online legal databases or platforms, data analytics, AI-powered technology, and other sophisticated legal tools, to face market challenges, and have high expectations as to their positive impact on their operations and revenue.  Achieving it is easy. The first step is to define your organisation’s vision and strategy, and more importantly choosing the right technology partner, which is most suited to your firm’s needs and one which will provide it with the greatest value.  


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