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DAC6 — Understanding EU tax disclosure requirements




DAC6 — Understanding tax disclosure requirements

Wednesday 19 June, 12pm

DAC6 is an EU regulation that requires lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers and other “intermediaries” to report aggressive cross-border tax arrangements. In our upcoming webinar, Legal and Research Executive Ruth Cohen and Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin will help dissect the new regulation and give guidance on reporting and training requirements under DAC6.



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The webinar will cover:

  • The purpose and scope of DAC6
  • Who is considered an intermediary?
  • Which transactions require reporting?
  • An overview of the Hallmarks and related categories
  • Examples of reportable transactions
  • Reporting and training requirements under DAC6
  • Answering any questions from registrants





Ruth Cohen


About the experts

Legal and Research Executive Ruth Cohen holds an LLB specialising in International Commercial Law. Ruth has experience in both the public and private sectors, having consulted for many Fortune 500 companies. She has expert-level knowledge across a wide range of areas including corporate finance, data protection, harassment, information security, commercial law and regulatory compliance, including DAC6.



Gary Yantin

As Director of Best Practice at VinciWorks, Gary Yantin works with law firms of all sizes to provide the best compliance learning experience for their staff. He was previously an in house lawyer and a solicitor in private practice. Gary has hosted many webinars and workshops for VinciWorks on a wide range of risk and compliance topics including GDPR and the SRA's new approach to ongoing learning.



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DAC6 reporting and training solution



Screenshot of DAC6 reporting portal

Screenshot of DAC6 training


VinciWorks has released a DAC6 reporting and training solution to help businesses reach full compliance with DAC6. This includes a secure, enterprise-wide data management portal for recording all cross-border tax transactions and two new courses.

  • DAC6 reporting portal — Record all cross-border tax transactions that may require reporting according to DAC6
  • DAC6: Fundamentals course — Follow an interactive flow-chart navigation to help establish which transactions you are required to report
  • DAC6: The Basics course — Interactive training for staff, providing an overview of the key elements of the Directive



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About VinciWorks

VinciWorks is the definitive authority in compliance training and software. With over 250,000 users across 70 countries, our training is used by leading corporations in every sector, including 60 of the largest 100 law firms in the world.

The VinciWorks compliance training suite provides practical, interactive and customisable training available in multiple languages. The courses are updated regularly to meet evolving regulatory legislation.

The suite includes the following courses:






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