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The chilling effect of sanctions on Russia


The chilling effect of sanctions on Russia

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to rapid economic and business developments around the world. Russian Sanctions seem to be the new reality with further sanctions being imposed on individuals and entities with Russian ownership. For the International regulatory authorities, there is no excuse for those in business not being aware of all the possible ways that their activities could be affected by these specific sanctions.

Are Regulatory Compliance Officers aware that even if a company is not on a sanctions list, but is at least 50% controlled by a sanctioned entity, they should act as if they have found the same company on such a list? Are they aware of the exceptions to the current situation?

As the list of sanctions against entities and individuals continues to grow, timely preparation with the right tools is the key to running a smooth business. At Infocredit Group, we are specialized in AML and compliance risk solutions and can provide you the tools to protect your current affairs against Russian and other global Sanctions, helping your business avoid the pitfalls and penalties. You can choose from an array of our sophisticated solutions when onboarding new clients or validating existing ones and managing your risks.

- LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Online Search Tool

Facilitates faster screening and deeper enhanced due diligence using one of the industry’s most extensive financial intelligence databases with up-to-date coverage of sanctions, PEP, and negative news profiles.

- KYC & Enhanced Due Diligence Reports 

Achieve greater scrutiny over your potential clients & partners by obtaining vital information on their identities. Our ad-hoc reports provide you with powerful insights.

- Nexis Diligence

Enhanced, comprehensive data to conduct due diligence and maintain regulatory compliance allowing for a 360-degree assessment of companies and individuals.

If you are interested in finding out more about our solutions, contact us at +357 2239800 or send us an email to request your FREE Demo at compliance@infocreditgroup.com