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Nicos Ioannou, Business Development Director at Infocredit Group, talks about LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG



What is LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG and how does it help organisations comply with the EU 4th and 5th AML Directives?


Bridger Insight XG is a cutting-edge solution which enables businesses to perform automatic, batch customer screening against global sanctions, PEPs, enforcement lists and adverse media, allowing them to accelerate their compliance workflow and meet compliance requirements for fraud prevention and customer due diligence more cost effectively.


As a LexisNexis product which upholds the highest standards for quality, security and privacy, it ensures that organisations of any size or industry can manage risks and gain valuable insight, making their business decisions easier, not only during client on boarding but also throughout all stages of the customer relationship.


By combining the innovative filtering software of this solution with the robust global screening data of WorldCompliance Data, Bridger Insight XG delivers significant efficiencies to the screening processes to lower compliance costs, increase operational capacity and reduce cycle times. Furthermore, Bridger Insight XG allows businesses to grow their global customer base faster and expedite transaction execution.


What are the benefits of using LexisNexis Bridger Insight?


Bridger Insight XG offers many advantages to compliance and management teams, as its main features have been designed to guarantee efficiency and quality of service, as well as adherence to compliance standards.


Primarily, it delivers a user interface that is simple and easy to navigate, hence simplifying and facilitating the overall process flow, as already mentioned. Bridger Insight XG is an ideal due diligence tool which allows an unlimited number of users and can assign them different roles, enabling organisations to categorise employees per division and therefore manage the workflow of their KYC searches. It also assists businesses to categorise their clients based or the risk classification of their own sectors using the Alert Decisions group management function, which increases efficiency through alert processing. Organisations also have the option to predefine the parameters of their searches, reducing false positives or other errors. Additionally, companies may add custom screening lists (internal client rejection lists) and can then screen prospective client against these lists as well.


So what are the main features of LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG that make it such a unique tool?


I would say the main features of the solution, in addition to above, are the automatic batch screening feature which allows you to batch upload clientele into the system, the web service API function (application programming interface), hosted either in LexisNexis’ data centres or in your own data centre for easy on-line/real-time integration with your core systems, and lastly, the fact that every action performed is immediately logged to maintain a fully detailed audit trail.


Tell us about Infocredit Group’s business partner LexisNexis Risk Solutions


LexisNexis Risk Solutions is part of RELX Group and is a leading risk management and data analytics company that enables customers to detect, evaluate and manage risk. LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps organisations seeking to mitigate risks including identity theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorism, financial or other crimes, as well as improve results.


Infocredit Group has been the representative of LexisNexis since 2009, however more recently, we have signed a new agreement to extend the scope of our existing alliance through expanded service coverage to include the countries Malta, Romania, Greece, UAE and Russia, in addition to Cyprus where our headquarters are currently based.


What other services does Infocredit Group provide besides LexisNexis solutions?


Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of risk management solutions for more than 45 years, offering access to crucial business information relating to a company’s potential or current clients, vendors and associates. Our aim at all times is to empower businesses with a reliable and comprehensive suite of tools which can assist them to meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations. Besides compliance solutions however, our product/service portfolio also includes credit risk management, corporate governance, debt recovery/call centre services and professional training.