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The Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference

Infocredit Group was one of the main sponsors of the Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference, which occurred at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, on Wednesday, March 14th.


The company be showcased its risk management solutions including its LexisNexis Risk Solutions products (LexisNexis WorldCompliance Online Search Tool, LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data and LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG) as well as its VinciWorks products and compliance e-learning courses (Compliance Learning Management System, Risk Management System, Policy Tracker and Omnitrack) at its booth, where delegates had the chance to learn more about each of these solutions, view demos and sign up for 15 day free trials, available only to delegates.

Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia

14 March 2018