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ESG Services

ESG ADVISORY: Create Value with the Right ESG Strategy


Gain clarity on your firm’s ESG status and develop a strong program through the support of our dedicated ESG advisory experts


In today’s world, companies are called by different stakeholders (employees, clients, shareholders, investors, regulatory bodies) to invest in ESG practices. It is more crucial than ever for businesses to have a strong ESG approach.


Our ESG Experts help your company understand the concept of ESG and craft an ESG strategy that matches your line of business, ultimately growing your profitability and sustainability, mitigating risks, and making informed choices.


Why Implement an ESG Strategy

- Increase your profitability

- Attain competitive advantage

- Minimize risks

- Enable sustainable growth

- Satisfy the demand for sustainability

- Make a difference in the world.


How We Can Help


Backed by extensive experience and the use of Resilisense, our state-of- the-art sustainability management toolkit will support you from start to finish and provide you with valuable feedback and recommendations on how to improve and optimize operations, processes, and practices. Resilience is based on the international standard ISO 26000 and is aligned with all relevant international sustainability standards and practices  


What We Offer


1. Gap analysis

Understand your organization’s current sustainability performance and risks set against 7 core subjects (i.e. organizational governance, labor practices etc)


2. Materiality assessment

Gain valuable insight into internal and external stakeholders’ views on your organization’s sustainability issues via automated procedures


3. Reporting & strategy

Develop a strategy with actions & KPIs and monitor and report on performance over time.


4. Value chain evaluation

Onboard your subsidiaries or suppliers to carry out a gap analysis and evaluate their sustainability performance. This enables you to screen and rank them with respect to your bespoke performance criteria.


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ESG Advisory is a new line of service offered through the strategic partnership between Infocredit Group and Aspon Consulting Ltd.