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Industry and Competitors Reports



Better Insights, Informed Decisions.

Industry and Competitors Analysis Reports

Our in-depth analysis reports provide you with a comprehensive review of key figures and facts of the industry or group of companies you wish to understand. Based on empirical data, forecasts are being performed assisting you in making better-informed decisions.

Our reports can define your business strategies, assess your market position, and help you obtain a significant competitive advantage:

  • Detailed assessment of the industry including size, key statistics, competition, financial, ratio analysis etc  
  • Benchmarking of your company against your main competitors
  • Understand high-level market opportunities and threats to reduce your risks and increase profitability
  • Make more informed and productive decisions


Why acquire a report

  • 360-degree view of the industry or your competition

Gain a comprehensive view of your industry and how you perform against key players.

  • Unlock new business opportunities

Identify new opportunities based on market trends, that fit your product and service offerings.

  • Understand and mitigate industry risks

Quickly discover an industry’s exposure to external threats and challenges and identify problems to take the necessary precautions.

  • Effective strategies

Redefine your strategies based on real evidence and accurate data for better performance.


Why Our Reports 

In today’s antagonistic climate, your access to accurate, up-to-date information is critical.

  • Competitive Pricing

Up to date information

  • Extensive Industry Coverage
  • Accuracy you can trust
  • 10+ years of experience in research
  • Prompt response


Key Features

Comprehensive figures and analysis that is easy to understand

Industry Analysis Reports: Do you have all the facts?

  • Executive summary
  • Industry outlook and performance
  • Competitive landscape and peer analysis (top companies, market share, revenues)
  • Strategic Planning Techniques (SWOT, PESTEL and other key charts) Financial
  • Financial analysis & Financial statements (Balance sheets, Profit/loss statements etc)
  • Operating and Cash flow comparisons (add-on)
  • Key Ratio analysis (profitability, performance, liquidity, financial leverage etc)
  • Other key statistics (e.g. Altman’s Z score)
  • Powerful visual content including charts, graphs, tables, etc
  • Conclusions & key findings


Competitor Analysis: Identify your competition, create strategies, and increase your market share

  • Executive summary
  • Industry outlook and performance
  • Competitive landscape and financial analysis (top companies, market shares, revenues)
  • Key financial statements (Balance sheet & Profit/loss statement, other important items)
  • Other key statistics (e.g. Altman’s Z score, DOL, DFL, DTL and Interest Coverage Ratios))
  • Operating and Free Cash flow comparisons (add-on)
  • Ratio analysis (profitability, performance, liquidity, financial leverage etc)
  • Powerful visual content including charts, graphs, tables, etc
  • Conclusions & key findings


Who is it for?

Stay competitive within your industry or review an industry you wish to target

  • Trade (Wholesale/Retail)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Manufacturing

Our reports cover the above industries in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and the UAE. Other industries or countries can also be prepared upon request.



The Industry/Competitors (Peer) Analysis Reports express an external, objective, and independent analysis of the company of interest, its competitors, and the overall economic environment in which it operates.

Our reports are prepared by financial analysts with extensive experience in gathering and analysing empirical data for the purpose of measuring current and future performance. The data is gathered from public sources as well as from our in-house database to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information used.  


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