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Credit Risk Consulting Services

Offering First-Class Advice.

Managing credit risk has always been challenging for organizations and has become even more complex following the global pandemic which has altered the business and credit landscapes significantly. Our credit risk consultants can perform independent evaluations of your credit processes and help you make faster and more accurate decisions, resulting in profitability maximization, bad debt reduction as well as safeguarding your business from future risky scenarios and alliances.

Trust our consultants to help you make better credit decisions and achieve a competitive edge.

What we Offer
By working closely with you, we assess your credit management practices and offer recommendations that support your organization’s strategy, structure, and budget.
• Financial and credit review and assessment
• Develop effective credit policies to meet objectives
• Establish credit limits and payment terms
• Assess the level of compliance with credit insurance policies and other related laws
• Report evaluations • Debt management options to improve collection performance
• Risk-adjusted performance measurement tools/solutions
• Negotiation strategies
• Suggestions for customised credit management training for your teams
• Recommendations/suggestions for improvement


Whether you are a small business or a large trading organization we can assist you. Specifically, our services are addressed to:
• SMEs & family-owned companies
• Trade (Wholesale/Retail/FMCG)
• Logistics and Supply Chain
• Hospitality and Travel
• Food and Beverage
• Other organizations which require credit management support


Why us
International & local expertise: Our consultants have 15+ years of international experience in the credit management and credit insurance disciplines working in different markets/countries and possessing the necessary skills to handle even the most complicated credit management cases.
Innovative solutions & tools: We offer cutting-edge solutions and tools to support your credit function, which can be fully customized to suit your needs.
Confidentiality: We trust and respect your personal data; Information security and compliance are always placed at the top of our list.

Our Credit Risk Expert
Nicos Ioannou, FCICM, Business Development Director, Infocredit Group
Nicos Ioannou is an accomplished and dedicated professional with more than 15 years of experience in the credit risk management discipline. His main areas of expertise are Corporate & Credit risk assessment, Data analysis, Credit management and Credit insurance. His strong proficiency and practical experience are, to a great extent, due to his exposure to such a large part of the Cyprus and international markets since Infocredit Group’s client base cover organisations of all sizes in almost all industries.

Short Profile 
• Shortlisted at the CICM British Credit Awards 2021 in the category "Credit Professional of the Year" in 2021.
• Maintains close relationships with the company’s key international service providers/credit reference agencies
• Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (FCICM) and member of the Credit Services Association (CSA)
• Achieved the Collectors Accreditation Initiative (CAI).
• Certified mediator handling debt collection cases before they reach the judicial route
• Certified trainer by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.
• Trainer of seminars/workshops on credit risk management and debt collection (internal client workshops and public seminars)
• Speaker at trade forums/conferences held locally and internationally on matters concerning credit risk management, credit insurance, debt collection and information transparency.


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