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Receivables Management

Securing Ease of Mind through faster and better collection with our cost-effective solution to Receivables Management

Using tested collection techniques and by maintaining a customer-focused approach, our goal is to:

  • Streamline your billing processes
  • Manage your receivables efficiently and swiftly
  • Accelerate cash inflow
  • Mitigate your credit risk

This will ensure that sufficient cash is available to finance business operations and new opportunities for growth!


Relieve your staff from the time-consuming and burdensome task of managing your accounts portfolio!


Outsourcing the management your receivables offers countless benefits for your company including the following:

  • Get Paid Faster
  • Ensure payment of invoices based on initial terms of the agreement
  • Improve your Cash Position and Cash Forecasting
  • Resolve Invoice Disputes Faster
  • Reduce Administrative & Financing Costs
  • Maximize Unused Credit Lines
  • Minimize Credit Risk
  • Improve Borrowing Position
  • Reduce Bad Debt Write Offs
  • Increase Working Capital
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Communication & Customer Service
  • Shorten the Sales to Payment Cycle
  • Gain Valuable Insights
Increase recovery in the first 90 days!


Infocredit Group’s Receivables Management Process, executed by our well-trained team


1) Initial telephone communication – We provide outsourced business office solutions under your name, to confirm receipt of the invoice by your client and remind them of the date of expected payment. The first call will be made within 5 days.

2) After 15 days, Infocredit Group communicates with your client either via phone or email to remind them of the payment of the invoice.

3) At the expected payment date or the following day, Infocredit Group communicates with your client to ensure payment has been done.

4) In case payment has not been made, Infocredit Group continues its efforts to collect the outstanding amount while keeping you informed throughout the process, until payment has been received.


Furthermore, we offer Payment Monitoring, whereby we monitor long-term payment arrangements between you and your client to ensure payment arrangements are kept.

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