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Ongoing Monitoring

Our Ongoing Monitoring service ensures that you are continuously informed about impending or recently implemented changes concerning your business partners, as well as the transactional behaviour of your clients. The shifting dynamics of the financial environment mean that the credibility and financial stability of a business is continually subject to change.


Use our ongoing monitoring service and receive automatic updates on all important changes affecting your clients or associates


This sophisticated screening increases the level of security surrounding your business dealings and can warn you (by way of alerts sent via email) about transactional risks and ensure that you are protected from bad debts.


We monitor all changes in the information contained in our database, including:


  • - Registered name or address

  • - Legal status of the company (Registered/Dissolved/Under liquidation etc.)

  • - Listing of detrimental information in our database

  • - Scoring level of the company

  • - Capital


Perform client segmentation based on risk classification and monitor key data at different time intervals