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Lexis Diligence

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Lexis® Diligence


Safeguard your organization’s reputation and manage risk with one-stop access to critical business information.


Lexis Diligence can help you mitigate operational, financial, legal and reputational risk by providing you the tools you need to understand your partners, suppliers, resellers and other associates effectively and efficiently.


Key Advantages


  • - Perform background checks on a company or person

  • - Uncover relationships amongst entities

  • - Check sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists

  • - Research on negative news

  • - Review a subject’s public record and litigation history

  • - Assess the risk of doing business in a country


Lexis Diligence can help you mitigate business risk by making it easier to vet and monitor clients, agents, partners, suppliers, investments, and other third parties in a quick and comprehensive manner.


Global content, simple fill-in-the-blank search fields, and a fixed price allow you to significantly reduce the time and expense of conducting comprehensive background checks. You can research entities, explore associated entity interests, check for red flags, and develop an entity profile with ease.



Leverage information from valuable resources


Efficiently investigate companies and individuals—going beyond just credit scores and watch lists—to develop a 360-degree assessment. The need to be informed in today’s fast-paced environment requires quick, comprehensive, high-quality content. Lexis Diligence creates a new standard in conducting due diligence and helps you ensure that you don’t miss valuable information not found on the open Web. You get access to resources including Global news archives, Company and Country information, Sanctions, watch lists, and PEPs, Biographies, Financial information, Legal histories and Public records.


Lexis® Diligence 360 – degree assessment process


  • - Select prospective third party

  • - Perform company or person check

  • - Check against sanctions & politically exposed persons data

  • - Search for negative news

  • - Check the litigation history

  • - Assess the country risk

  • - Confirm as partner/suppliers/ distributor



Evaluate your partners and suppliers with help from Lexis® Diligence