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Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

As an international organisation, we constantly seek to provide innovative and resourceful products and services that consider the realities of business information across the globe. In maintaining our mission, we implement a specified code of conduct to ensure we continually meet both international and local business standards and to ensure all employees, affiliates and partners cooperate to meet the overall mission of the organisation.


Code of Conduct

The expectations of Infocredit Group extend to all employees, affiliates and external partners and suppliers. We believe it is important to lay down guidelines for responsible operation and believe in the below standards, in line with our corporate social responsibility.


Forced Labour

Forced or involuntary labour is not acceptable and we do not condone employment by such means.


Underage Employment

We do not condone the employment of underage individuals. Our company does not employ anyone under the local legal minimum age for employment, nor does it accept any affiliate, external partner or supplier utilising such labour.



The company does not tolerate harassment of employees, by other employees or suppliers. Each employee should be treated with respect and should feel safe in their daily working environment. Affiliates, external partners, suppliers are expected to treat each employees with respect and will not threaten, harass or intimidate them physically or verbally.


Equal Opportunities

The company does not discriminate against any individual, employee or potential employee on the grounds of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or other.


Health and Safety

The company complies fully with health and safety regulations, as governed by international standards by ensuring fire regulations, lighting, ventilation, sanitary conditions, are adequate.


Environmental Responsibility

The company adopts an environmentally friendly approach to minimise its impact upon the external environment. The company implements a recycling policy and all paper material is recycled on regular basis. In addition, the management reviews the environmental policy regularly to ensure the company maintains a sustainable approach.


Review and Compliance

The company has an integrated management system in place to ensure procedures exist and are implemented across all business levels. The management regularly monitors its management system in order to develop and maintain procedures in line with local and international standards. Additionally, the company maintains a compliant approach to all international legislation concerning healthy and safety, working conditions and employment practices. As such, it operates a verification process for all potential clients, partners and external suppliers before cooperation begins.

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