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Data Exchange

The Data Exchange system aims to promote transparency in the transactional behaviour of debtors through the exchange of information between companies that have the same or similar clientele.


“90% of bankrupt companies worldwide show a consistently unstable trading behaviour beginning 15 to 20 months prior to bankruptcy”.


General sector observations


  • - Cyclical trend of bad debts

  • - Debtors maintain unreasonably high balances with multiple suppliers

  • - Lack of accurate and objective information regarding debtors

  • - Substantial increase in bad debts

  • - Weakness of the legal framework in protecting unsecured creditors


In order to address the sector characteristics, Infocredit Group has set the following goals which are met through the Data Exchange system:


  • - To promote transparency in commercial transactions

  • - To support activities related to growth, development and modernisation of trade

  • - To protect credit trade

  • - To isolate insolvent customers/debtors

  • - To measure and reduce credit risk

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