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Client Verification

Securing ease of mind through best practice procedures for data mining


Maintaining an up-to-date and accurate database is a key factor in preventing the loss of business profits, which can damage your ROI. Furthermore, verifying your customers radically improves your payment collection processes.

Commercial information is a vital tool to a company’s success and viability. Our service can help your company save money by ensuring that informed decisions are made by ensuring your access to such crucial data.

Benefits of the service


We perform 100% customer verification, which can assist you to:


  • - Mitigate risk when issuing an invoice on an entity that does not exist or which has been dissolved

  • - Protect your company against negative perceptions in the case of duplicates and incorrect listings of your partner’s information in your system

  • - Avoid entering into legal procedures with a company that might not in fact exist

  • - Build your own customer database for future reference



Our Client Verification service allows you to examine your entire client/partner database in order to verify a company’s:


  • - Registered name and number

  • - Registration date

  • - Legal status (Registered/Dissolved/Under liquidation)

  • - VAT number


The service also investigates whether the subject in question has been listed in our Default Debtors Database with regard to the following:


Stages of
Bounced /
Returned Cheques