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Call Centre Services

Securing ease of mind through direct and efficient communication with your customers

The management of communication with new or existing customers is crucial for any company since it represents the main pillar for increased business and also contributes to developing closer relationships with your customers.

  • Promotion
  • Collects data/information in order to update client databases
  • Executes reminder calls to clients/prospects about upcoming event
  • Informs clients/prospects about new products or services
  • Receivables Management
  • Handles debt collection cases
  • Executes reminder calls for settlement of invoices
  • Customer Service
  • Conducts market research
  • Offers customer assistance
We deliver a superior customer experience


Our team of highly trained call centre agents is ideally equipped to handle, on behalf of our clients, any communication required (whether inbound or outbound), thereby allowing them to save time and money. Our pleasant yet professional approach ensures that your clients are well looked after and your competitiveness maintained.

Communication is undertaken in English or Greek