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Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Infocredit Group, strategic partner of LexisNexis, is excited to announce that new information regarding Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) is now available through the Nexis Diligence solution!
One of the most sophisticated Lexis Nexis tools, the Diligence, just got “wiser”, being able to identify through millions of connections and business records that have been added to the database, the Ultimate Beneficial Owners and provide clients with the last ‘piece of the jigsaw’.
This crucial information helps organizations to perform efficiently their due diligence on financial crime prevention and anti-money laundering. The user can gain insight to the ownership of hundreds of millions of commercial entities worldwide based on analysis of data from:
• 97 million shareholders 
• 150+ million connections
• 355+ million business records
All of which are validated, continuously monitored and updated to help determine corporate ownership and make informed decisions that better protect your organizations.
Ultimate Beneficial ownership data can reveal all of the different connections associated with the business you are researching. It can show complex relationships, including direct and indirect beneficial owners, as well as ownership percentages.
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