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LexisNexis Legal Solutions And Products

Legal Research, Data-Driven Insights, and Practical Guidance
Access our wide portfolio of legal resources including research and practical guidance tools which can assist you to work smarter and faster while gaining more in-depth knowledge on selected areas of interest and obtain better quality analysis.
Whether you are searching for case law, statutes, treatises or practical guidance on specific practice areas or jurisdictions, legal professionals will be able to get the support they need from an array of legal products consisting of critical legal content, world-class research, analyses as well as exclusive precedents.
These products not only allow you to reduce risk by immensely extending your research capabilities but also ensure the accuracy and quality of your legal work.
Product Index:
Quickly find up-to-date guidance on points of law and then easily pull up sources to support your advice.
Answer your client’s questions rapidly and confidently with the most up-to-date and authoritative legal information available.
Let our experts guide you through the latest developments in tax, explaining the implications and what actions are needed for you and your clients.
Complete coverage of UK tax and accountancy information trusted by tax professionals for over 100 years.
Lexis® (Formerly Lexis Advance®)
The largest collection of case law, statutes, and regulations (based on Lexis Nexis US and International Database) with over 60,000 trusted legal, news and public record sources.
Lexis Practice Advisor®
Your practical online resource for legal matters. Gain the know-how to accomplish your tasks from experienced attorneys.
Lexis 360®
Access more than 25 million types of legal content including various sources (case law, legislation, regulations, etc.) enriched by data, analyses and commentary, encyclopaedias, and exclusive practical content.
LexisNexis products for specific regions:
Essential research tools for lawyers and legal professionals advising on specific territories around the world.
  • -Asia:
Lexis China / Lexis India / Lexis Malaysia / Lexis Japan


  • - MENA:
Lexis Middle East / Lexis Morocco


  • - Austria:
Lexis Austria


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