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CRS & FATCA Reporting

Regulatory Compliance: CRS & FATCA Reporting


Complex Regulatory Procedures Made Simple



Understanding FATCA and CRS


CRS and FATCA share similar characteristics, yet they do have that make them even more complex and challenging.


The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is anticipated to tackle US income tax evasion by producing an innovative information reporting and preservation regime for payments made to overseas (i.e., non-US) financial organizations and other foreign entities.


The Common Reporting Standard (CRS), made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is an international reporting standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). The target of CRS is to permit tariff authorities to acquire a clearer perceptive of financial resources held overseas by their residents for tax reasons.



Our Offering


We can take over this challenging task. We Meet the challenges of reporting.


We help our clients (financial institutions and other companies) to submit their FATCA/CRS reports in the easiest possible way. Simply send us your data and we take care of the rest.





We review, handle, manage and convert your data into the required reporting format, smoothly, efficiently and timely. We handle data securely. Construct the reports and, submits it to the client for submission as prescribed by the relevant provisions of CRS and FATCA.





- Fully Compliance

- Reduce Risks and Costs

- Increase Operational efficiency

- Increase Accuracy

- Avoid Reputational Damage and Financial Penalties



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