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AML Compliance Consulting

Offering First class, Advice.

For the last few years, financial crime has been evolving radically calling upon regulators and governments to scrutinize corporations further and tightening up business practices and laws. Now, more than ever, organizations need to ensure that there is a strong compliance structure in place which prioritizes cultural alignment and continuously assesses the organization’s adherence to regulatory requirements regarding AML/CTF.
Trust our CAMS experts to help you optimise your AML procedures and meet local and international regulatory requirements
Our certified AML consultants have extensive experience within the compliance and risk sectors. Whether you are looking for an ad hoc consultation or a more thorough approach, our consultants will provide sound advice specific to your needs.
What we Offer
• Specialised advice regarding AML issues specific to your firm and your regulatory environment
• Evaluation of current AML policies and practices
• Drafting of the AML Manual
• Review of your client onboarding processes
• Recommendations on additional AML tools and procedures
• Suggestions for customised trainings for your compliance teams
Our team can help you
• Meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements
• Fully transparent procedures which improve your business credibility
• More streamlined compliance processes
• Keep up to date with the latest regulatory developments
• Consistent approach across client engagements
Whether you are a small accounting firm or a large financial institution we can assist you. Specifically, our services are addressed to:
• Banking / Other financial institutions
• Law firms/Legal advisors
• Corporate service providers
• Gaming/ Casino operators
• Family businesses
• Other organizations which require AML support
Our AML and Risk Expert
Sophie Ioannou, CAMS, Compliance Advisory, Head, Infocredit Group
Sophie Ioannou has significant experience advising on compliance matters across different industries focusing on projects which involve financial crime, AML audits and internal process reviews, risk assessments, AML manual reviews etc. As an articulate communicator on all levels, Sophie handles the accounts of local clients that need AML consulting, training, and other support about compliance.
Areas of Expertise
• Regulatory Compliance
• KYC & Client Onboarding
• Risk Based Approach
• Counterfeit Documents Bio Highlights
Short Profile 
• CAMS (2017) and AML CYSEC Standard certified
• Portfolio of clients include Banks / Financial institutions, Gaming/FX companies, Law/Audit firms and other related associations.
• Highly experienced in the most sophisticated AML tools (LexisNexis Solutions) and trained exclusively by LexisNexis personnel
• Responsible for developing the content for AML courses (basic and advanced level) for several clients
• Frequent speaker at conferences/seminars on matters relating to regulatory compliance
• Writes in local and international journals and magazines on AML issues
• Worked as a journalist and newscaster for more than 12 years in television and radio station focusing on investigations
• Speaks Greek and English fluently and Italian and French
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